Here’s What Happens When “Dick In A Box” Meets Beer

Keep your pants on.

Shmaltz Brewing loves its Jewish puns. It produces a line called He’Brew (tagline: The Chosen Beer). It makes a beer called Jewbelation. That last one not going far enough for you? No problem: It also makes a beer called Funky Jewbelation. And this Hanukkah, it has the holiday variety 12-pack sure to make your dad throw up his hands and say, “Oy!” It’s Shtick in a Box, available at stores in 35 states.

They sent us one. Let us first confirm: no dicks in this box. Here it is:

What’s inside? Three of each of these guys: Hop Manna IPA, Messiah Nut Brown Ale, Slingshot (the odd man out—what, no Jewish pun for the lager?), and a beer called Hanukkah, Chanukah: Pass The Beer, because let that be a lesson to you: When you launch your own brewery, you can call a beer whatever the hell you want. Good brews, these.

There’s a creepy hand on both sides, which is slightly larger than the actual hand you’ll be lifting the box with. Not sure what’s up with that. Part of the shtick?

And of course, Shmaltz can’t resist offering just one more pun as you reach for your next bottle:


Photos by Jason Feifer