Bad News: Rihanna’s New Album Might Not Be Anywhere Close to Finished

Sia spilled the beans as to why RiRi’s Anti hasn’t come out yet. 

Last month we (and many other sites) reported the rumor that Rihanna’s new album, Anti, looked as though it would be released the day after Thanksgiving. Obviously that wish upon a star didn’t come true because here we are, in the middle of December, and we still don’t have a new release from RiRi. What could the hold up be? Is she waiting for NYE? Valentine’s Day? The first episode of Game of Thrones? What is it? 

Today, musician Sia, who’s written hit songs for the likes of Rihanna, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and has a new album of her own coming out soon, revealed that Rihanna is still on the hunt for songs to complete her album with. Which is terrifying news and means that we might be waiting a great deal longer to hear this thing. 

You can hear the full interview with Sia where she says that Rihanna was just at her house to hear some demos with the intent to pick out tracks for the album over at Stereogum


Photos by Getty Images/Paul Archuleta