Singles Feeling the Bern Now Have Their Own Dating Site is hooking up left-leaning voters.


We all have our deal breakers in relationships. Some place a premium on good hygiene, while others demand a partner who can cook. But for pretty much all of us, clashing political preferences can be a red flag. 

Luckily for millennials (the trendy, tech-savvy faction of the voting pool), dating sites can help weed out those with opposing opinions.

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For those feeling the Bern, they’ve now got The dating site is intended to match up singles that love the Vermont senator as much as they’re into impulsive, online-facilitated hookups. The website even promises, “The 1% won’t be the only ones getting screwed this election season.”

Things are off to a good start, with a reported 10,000 members already feeling the Bern. When it was first launched, millions visited the site, causing it to crash. Even so, 1,000 members still managed to sign up within the first hour of its inauguration.

Even better for antsy millennials, there are no long, arduous personality quizzes to sit through. Users just fill out some basic info, post a fire selfie, and then write a personalized “about me.”

For instance, 19-year-old Adrian Anderson from Minnesota wrote, “Adrian is my name and Democratic Socialism is my game.”

Even people overseas are getting in on this. 29-year-old Julian from Buenos Aires wrote, “I’m a Bernie dude from Argentina looking for girls to hang out with, chat and have great times!”

We’re holding our breath for similar sites to crop up. Here are our suggestions:,, and 

h/t Salon