SKYY Infusions: Moscato Grape

We encourage you to reach for the SKYY.

We encourage you to reach for the SKYY.

Brand: SKYY Infusions: Moscato Grape

SKYY Vodka has been our go-to for years, not only because it covers every unique flavor out there (who knew ginger vodka would be so delicious?!), but also because it does an awesome job of making mixers taste way better.

With the newest addition to SKYY’s Infusions line, you can douse your soda with something actually worthy of it. Made with real Moscato grapes, this vodka smells better than most tropical destinations we’ve been to. Play your cards right, and you’ll have chicks trying to get near you all night, thinking that’s just your natural scent.

You’re welcome in advance (you owe us dude).

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