Here’s The First Look Inside Slayer’s Gloriously Graphic Comic Book, ‘Slayer: Repentless’

The thrash metal pioneers have produced a seriously badass comic book.

Getty/Nigel Crane

Last year, we got word that Slayer was shredding it’s way into the realm of comic books. Thanks to Rolling Stone, we now get our first glimpse inside the debut issue of Slayer: Repentless, and we can safely say that it’s viciously violent content does not disappoint.

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The thrash metal pioneers enlisted the expertise of Twilight Zone comic artist Guiu Vilanova and Metalocalypse writer Jon Schnepp to create the gore-filled graphics and gruesome tale, respectively. 

Many of the images and characters, including the mysterious one-eyed incarcerated man, are directly referenced in music videos from the band’s similarly-titled 12th album, Repentless.

The twisted tale is reminiscent of the plot of the movie American History X, but explores a story brimming with violence that would likely be too brutal for the big screen . Rolling Stone details the basic premise: 

“The story opens as two brothers, Adrian and Wyatt – the latter of whom was the subject of Slayer’s “Repentless,” “You Against You” and “Pride in Prejudice” videos – converse about why Wyatt left the family’s neo-Nazi group and moved to a town called Repentless (several signs throughout the comic reference Slayer songs).

Wyatt became, to quote Adrian, a “race traitor” and fell in love with a black woman, only for Adrian’s cohorts, referred to here as “the cause,” to carry out violent acts against Wyatt’s friends and create an act bloody enough to get him locked up. The preview ends with guards testing Wyatt’s level of hatred and it only gets bloodier from there, leading to a cameo by the band members.”  

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the Schnepp described his desire to stray from the comical tone of Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse to take on a much more solemn and serious tone. 

“I’m busting my ass on these because I want to honor the legacy,” Schnepp said. “It can’t be corny or jokey. It has to be harsh, violent and very gritty.” Based on the 6-page sneak preview in the gallery above, we’d say he succeeded with flying colors. 

The first issue of Slayer: Repentless will hit shelves January 25th. The cover will be available with either brother Wyatt’s bloodied mug rendered by award-winning artist Glenn Fabry, or with an impaled skeleton, drawn by Eric Powell.