Slayer’s Gory New Video Was Filmed at the Manson Family Prison

“Repentless” is packed with horror movie guest stars. 

Slayer brought a film crew and a slew of horror movie legends into the Sybil Brand Institute for a days long shoot on their new video for “Repentless,” the title track off their upcoming album. The Institute was once a women’s jail that housed members of the Manson Family under lock and key. It’s been closed as a functioning jail since 1997 due to earthquake damage, but gets a lot of use for similar projects such as this. 

The cast of the video, Danny Trejo (Machete), Derek Mears (Friday the 13th) and Tony Moran (Halloween) helped spread blood and body parts (fake, of course) around the place while Slayer played for fake prisoners and got everyone into a frenzy.

Slayer’s Repentless album is officially out today.