Slipknot Singing “Livin’ la Vida Loca” is Unexpectedly Brilliant

The mashup video you didn’t know you needed.

The masked metalheads of Slipknot are known for their ludicrous videos, outlandish on-stage hijinks, calling out Kanye West, and general fuckedupedness. To wit, they are known for living la vida loca.

Which is why a new viral mashup video of Slipknot and Ricky Martin might actually make some sense. In the video, a live performance of Slipknot is synced to the cheery lyrics of the Latin hitmaker. The video is impressively compiled, and it actually takes a few moments to realize frontman Corey Taylor isn’t actually bellowing, “She will wear you out!” We don’t know whether to applaud or to tell whoever made this thing to get a hobby.

It’s hard to imagine the nightmare-worthy members of the nu-metal band gyrating their hips on the beaches of Puerto Rico, but we can dig it. And hey, we’ve also seen far weirder mash-up videos in the past…

Photos by Getty Images