Smash Mouth Relevant Again After the Lead Singer Went on a Tirade Because He Was Pelted With Bread Onstage

Somebody once told me the world is gonna (dinner) roll me. 

Smash Mouth lead singer and Guy Fieri spiked hair-and-goatee predecessor Steve Harwell was treated to a barrage of flying bread at the Taste of Fort Collins last night and he was none too happy about it.The Coloradoan is reporting that Harwell went on a profanity-laced tirade after being pelted with bread, which was being given out for free at one of the booths at the festival.  (Side note: all festivals should do this.) Watch the video, below, in which he threatens the culprits with “I’m gonna come find your ass, and I’m gonna beat your ass.” Sing it with me now: And all that glitters is gold, only shooting bread breaks the mo-ohld.,AAAACkzL0jk~,oCJhiFXesiZTOLM7EhCgu8radRQMNQCb&bctid=4296512998001