A Smash Mouth Superfan Is Willing to Completely Embarrass Himself So They’ll Play His Birthday Party

He’s truly an “All Star.”

Smash Mouth Promo
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All Andrew Goldstein wants for his birthday is some “All Star” treatment from Smash Mouth, and he has a plan to get it. 

Likely as a joke, the L.A.-based record producer tweeted the following proposal at the late-’90s/early-’00s hitmakers:

“Hey smashmouth if I wear a piece of Smash Mouth merch every day of January & document it, will you perform acoustic at my bday party on March 17th?”  


It’s worth noting here that Goldstein has some juice in the music biz—he’s produced and/or co-written songs for Linkin Park, Demi Lovato and Britney Spears, to name a few big stars. 

When Smash Mouth tweeted back, the apparent superfan promised to follow-up with them at the end of January. 


Then, the “I’m a Believer” rockers fired back with conditions of their own. Goldstein will have to find 30 different pieces of merchandise if he wants his dream to come true. 

On his own accord, he even promised to wear only authorized Smash Mouth gear. 


That may be tricky, as their official website doesn’t have a merch section. Hopefully these shirts from Redbubble are legit: 

Photo: Redbubble
Photo: Redbubble
Photo: Redbubble

h/t: Bro Bible