The Smashing Pumpkins’ New Video ‘Run2Me’ is a Blast From the Past

Get ready to disarm yourself with a smile. 

So far this week has seen a Madonna and Sean Penn reunion, a Baywatchthemed Simple Plan video featuring Nelly, a new Weezer song, and now, as of today, a new video from The Smashing Pumpkins. Grab a light jacket and a snack for the road, everyone. We’re going to nostalgia town!

“Run2Me” is off of last year’s Monuments to an Elegy. The video premiered today on Vulture

The coolest thing about this video, aside from the fact that The Smashing Pumpkins are a thing that can still exist in 2015, is that when they sat with the director of the video to go over the concept for it everyone involved had to have said the word “wiccans” out loud at some point. 

Photos by Frederick Breedon / Getty images