SportsCenter Caught Two Royals Fans Getting Stoned at the World Series

You try making it through a 14-inning game without self-medicating. 

Most Major League Baseball baseball parks stop selling beer after the seventh inning. The Kansas City Royals are among them, which means Tuesday’s 14-inning World Series opener saw a full seven innings elapse without a single cup of over-priced lager sold at Kansas City’s Kauffman Stadium. That left some fans searching for a little relief — and they found it in the form of a marijuana cigarette. 

Perhaps not the most surprising development in 2015, but what happened next is: they were on SportsCenter! Not “Top Plays” or anything, but passing their joint back and forth in the background of a crowd shot. Credit to the eagle-eyed viewer who spotted the surreptitious smokers and helpfully narrated their shenanigans. 

The lesson here: You can stop selling beer, but you can’t stop a man from willfully disassociating from reality! 

Photos by Jamie Squire / Getty Images