Smugglers Ingeniously Disguised 48,000 Beer Cans as Pepsi to Sneak Them Into Saudi Arabia

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

We can all recall the daring it took to sneak a can of beer past our parents in junior high. However, I doubt any of us can fully grasp the bravery of the smugglers who disguised 48,000 cans of Heineken as Pepsi to sneak them into Saudi Arabia.

Customs officials along the border of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emiratescaught the contraband earlier this week when some heroic traffickers attempted to hoodwink their way through the Al Batha border crossing. Officials conducted a routine inspection on their truck, only to discover that the apparent 48,000 cans of Pepsi were really just ingeniously disguised Heineken cans. Saudis are barred by the country’s draconian morality laws from consuming alcohol of any kind. So, it’s been a while since the Kingdom has gotten lit.

Although customs officials (read: professional buzz-kills) confiscated the cans, it seems they can appreciate how crafty these perps got. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Customs posted photos and video of the evidence to their Twitter account.

There’s still no word on who these dauntless smugglers are or what their punishment might be, but we’re sure it won’t be pretty. Saudi Arabia has a notoriously atavistic legal system, wherein beheadings are commonplace. A British expat recently served a yearlong sentence in a Saudi prison for possessing homemade wine. He was sentenced to 360 lashes, but the British government swooped in to save the day.

But who will swoop in to save all this perfectly good beer from going to waste?