Snackpocalypse Now: Prepare Yourself For A Mass String Cheese Shortage

Could this be the end of the world’s greatest processed-cheese product?

Just when you thought you couldn’t take any more loss this week, Kraft and Polly-O announced that we’re amidst a string cheese shortage. Everybody panic!

The shortage was caused by a mass recall of string cheese, after customer reports of cheese discoloration and early spoilage. Adding to the direness of the situation, Kraft says they’re not sure when the product will be back in stores. The good news/bad news is that their other “cheese” products, like Cheez Whiz, American Singles, and Easy Cheese, remain unaffected. 

During tough times like this, you can only hope and pray for a speedy return of your old stringy friend. And perhaps drown your sorrows with a jar of Cheez Whiz and a spoon. You can’t wait forever, after all.