Sneak Peek: “Wolverine and the X-Men Vol. 3”

The third installment of the animated series comes to DVD November 3rd, and here’s your first taste of the mutant-battling action that awaits.

In Wolverine and the X-Men, Marvel’s merry band of mutants have formed a singing group and tension starts mounting when a shady producer suggests putting the “more marketable” Wolverine front and center even though it’s really Cyclops who…wait, no. Sorry. This surprisingly gritty animated series once again pits the powerful X-Men against all sorts of sinister evildoers. Like, say, everyone’s favorite shape-shifter, Mystique….,AAABnwxt8sE~,TdyFq09iMr7kioKT_wX2C8w8xLyk5_f2&bctid=1841379859001

Wolverine and the X-Men Vol. 3: Beginning of the End hits shelves November 3rd.