‘Saturday Night Live’ Featured Host Emily Blunt and a Trip to the Ken Bone Zone

The season’s third episode wasn’t one for the ages.

The Emily Blunt-hosted Saturday Night Live kicked off in SNL‘s customary election season style with a cold open featuring the town hall-style debate between Alec Baldwin‘s Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton. It was sketch comedy business as usual until Andy Moynihan’s too-brief cameo as studly red-sweatered questioner Ken Bone. Once again, in a way, Ken Bone saved the day.

This wasn’t the best SNL of the season. The show did have a few moments though, including the hilarious digital short for CHONK, a brand that “empowers” women while implying something really unflattering about their sizes. 

Emily Blunt was a game host—she had a Jimmy Fallon-style crack-up in her first sketch, which actually made the otherwise off-key skit about bizarre escorts more entertaining—but she wasn’t really given a lot to do. Musical guest Bruno Mars gave his usual thoroughly professional best as well. 

SNL comes back October 22nd with stalwart Tom Hanks doing the hosting duties and Lady Gaga as musical guests.