SNL’s Pizza Roll Parody May Be The Best Super Bowl Commercial You’ll See Today

It goes from bland to spooky in a heartbeat.

Naturally the Larry David-hosted Saturday Night Live featured his dead-on Bernie Sanders impression, Bernie Sanders himself, and a nod to David’s HBO comedy, Curb Your Enthusiasm. Derek Zoolander and runway walk-off frenemy Hansel also made an appearance on “Weekend Update.” One of our fave clips, however, was yet another commercial parody, again starring Vanessa Bayer, for Totino’s Pizza Rolls.

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This was one of SNL‘s best parodies in a while because the twist, when it came, was so sharp and for a moment, authentically spooky (we could happily go the rest of our lives never seeing Larry David in black-eyed contacts again). Who knew Totino’s and the X-Files could dovetail so easily to send a brief chill up the spine?

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SNL went to this “Totino’s Pizza Rolls in hell” territory prior to Super Bowl 49 as well, with Bayer playing the same stiffly smiling, put-upon housewife whose existence on Super Bowl Sunday descends to its bleakest point. 

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Together the digital shorts suggest some SNL writers may have some pretty bleak, David Lynch-influenced dark comedy in them. We’d plunk down a few bucks to see a movie along these lines for sure—as long as there was a good, stiff drink waiting to offset the despair afterwards.