Watch SNL’s Hilarious Unaired Short About LeBron James and ‘The Other Cavaliers’

This would’ve been the best sketch on the show.

It wouldn’t be fair to multi-talented host Donald Glover to say that last night’s Saturday Night Live sucked. Glover is way too good a performer and improves everything he’s in.

But it kind of sucked. Save one truly funny sketch about a hard-as-nails trio of rappers who go to group therapy and random laugh lines in a few others, this SNL was a snooze. It would have been improved by the sketch above, which was inexplicably cut for time.

In “The Other Cavaliers” the sad group of cast-off players do whatever LeBron James might need, like sweeping up chalk, handling his laundry, doling out high fives, and giving back rubs. It gets funnier and more awkward as it goes, as well as being a little close to the bone regarding James’s dominant position on the team.

“Friendos” is a group that’s all about Lambos, bitches, and money—and they are in for some seriously cleansing group therapy, feat. ASAP Rocky.

Turns out they’re some pretty sensitive guys. 

Amy Schumer hosts SNL on May 12, with musical guest Kasey Musgraves.