Check Out This Insane Melee of Rioting Soccer Hooligans

Entire bistro sets were flying through the crisp English air. 

That first rule of soccer that every kid learns is that you’re not allowed to use your hands.

The first rule of soccer fandom that every kid learns is that you must use your hands to pick up that chair and throw it at the wanker wearing another team’s jersey.

Weird, isn’t it?

Two groups of rival supporters demonstrated proper chair throwing technique in Manchester yesterday prior to a Champions League game against Manchester City and the Spanish team Sevilla. Imagine them trying to throw these chairs using only their feet and their heads. Wouldn’t work!

Here’s another angle of the melee, which police say also involved fans of the Polish club Slask Wroclaw. Slask and Sevilla supporters went at it when the two clubs played in a Europa League match in 2013. Slask fans were stabbed and their banner was stolen by the Spanish hooligans. Yesterday they sought their revenge in Manchester, not with knives, but with the preferred weapon of the the unhinged soccer hooligan: anything that’s not bolted to the ground.

As for who won the soccer match itself? What soccer match?