Soccer Matches in Belgium and Germany Called Off Amid Terror Fears

France and England, however, have different ideas.
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An international soccer friendly between Germany and the Netherlands has been canceled after police ordered the evacuation after finding a "suspicious object" inside Hannover Stadium two hours before kickoff. 

This is the second international soccer match to be canceled in the last 24 hours due to heightened terrorism fears in the aftermath of the deadly Paris terror attacks which included the Stade de France stadium.

On Monday, the Belgian Football Association called off the country's match against Spain, which was to be played in Brussels on Tuesday, in large part due to the manhunt underway in Brussels as authorities try to locate residents of the city who are thought to have participated in the Paris attacks. One suspect, Salah Abdeslam, was reportedly spotted outside of King Baudouin stadium, where the match was to be played.

Meanwhile, France are England are planning to go ahead with their match today at London's Wembley Stadium. Security at the stadium will be on high alert but player are fans, while wearing the flags of different nations, plan to come together in a show of unity.

As England captain Wayne Rooney put it,  Tuesday "will be a great night of togetherness for everyone to see, for the terrorists to see the world will go on and stand against them."

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