Some Lunatic Will Probably Pay $12,000 For The Volleyball From “Cast Away”

Also for sale in this movie memorabilia auction: Frodo’s sword and Spock’s ears.

If you’ve got a couple grand lying around and are still in need of a last-minute gift for any film buff family members, look no further. Auction house Profiles in History is auctioning off a ton of movie memorabilia this Saturday from films we actually know and love, not those black and white 1950s war films that are collecting dust in your grandma’s basement.

For example, you can place a starting bid of $30,000 on Marlon Brando’s ‘Don Corleone’ coat from The Godfather, or drop $3,000 on a pair of Spock ears. And for the really rich fantasy dorks out there (we’re looking at you, Sean Parker!), Frodo’s sword from The Lord of the Rings trilogy is predicted to fetch $50,000. And that’s pocket change compared to Han Solo’s blaster; featured in The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, the actual non-firing prop is expected to pull in up to $300,000.

Oh, and for the die-hard Tom Hanks fans out there, this auction has you covered, too: “Wilson” – the volleyball from Castaway – starts at $12,000.

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