Someone Demonstrated How Many Bullets Captain America’s Shield Could Handle

Vibranium or not, this thing is pretty nuts.

Some superheroes turn to high-tech machinery, a few channel strength from the Gods or scientific experiments, and a handful rely on brute force to get the job done. There’s one superhero in particular whose weaponry has elevated him into an unstoppable force of nature — and that’s Captain America and his vibranium shield. Made out of impenetrable material from the fictional Wakanda, Cap’s red, white, and blue disc has kept the patriot alive during his fair share of battles. So what would happen if something similar were to be developed for real combat, right now?

Record-breaking pro gunman Jerry Miculek decided to channel his inner superhero for aYouTube video. He used specs from comic book lore to create his own titanium version of Captain America’s iconic shield. Miculek’s plan: See how many rounds from a 1911 Colt .45 his replica could withstand before it was shattered or punctured.

You can see in the video that while the shots Miculek fired didn’t exactly ricochet away like they do in movies, the shield held up against the bullets and none of them fully penetrated the metal. A few touch-ups here and there and this thing might actually be suitable for battle. 

Now, if you were to test it with a rocket launcher… we’re pretty sure that’d be another story.

h/t Popular Mechanics