Someone Created The True Detective Intro In Grand Theft Auto V, And It’s Glorious

“World needs bad men. We keep the other bad men from the door.”

Time is a flat circle, even in video games. Some crazy talented Grand Theft Auto V  fan has reproduced the eerie opening credits from the first season of True Detective entirely from in-game elements. If that’s not crazy enough for Rust Cohle, we don’t know what is.

Using the PC version of GTAV and After Effects for editing and composite effects, YouTuber llachlann put together a ridiculously impressive rendition of the now-iconic opening credits of the beloved HBO series. llachlann notes that every single thing in the video beyond the film grain, fire, cloud footage, and film burn effects was taken from Grand Theft Auto V.

There’s something amazing about the GTA community these days, what with taking Pokémon and making it delightfully bizarre, or fans working together to stop a train that won’t be stopped. Whatever it is, keep it up, guys. And tackle season 2 of True Detective next, would ya?