We’re Finally Getting a Sons Of Anarchy Spinoff

Find out what creator Kurt Sutter has in mind for his new series.

It looks like the Sons of Anarchy spinoff we all need might actually be happening.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that creator Kurt Sutter is prepping a new FX series that will focus on the Mayans Motorcycle Club, a Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club rival who call themselves the Assassins of God. 

The Mayans Motorcycle Club, a predominantly Mexican gang based in Oakland who controlled Northern California and most of Nevada, played a key role in the original FX series, one of the network’s most popular. Led by president Marcus Alvarez, the Mayans and SAMCRO went from arch rivals to uneasy business partners who united against common enemies by the end of the series’ seven seasons.

Sutter didn’t give away many details about the potential spinoff, including whether the show would be a miniseries or a full series, or a prequel instead of a sequel. Sutter had previously said that he was interested in developing a Sons of Anarchy  prequel, but said that he wanted to take a little time away before revisiting SOA while he focused on the historical drama series The Bastard Executioner, which premieres on FX on September 15.

“I didn’t want to come right off of that and do a prequel or anything like that,” Sutter told E! News at the TCA press tour this summer. “I wanted to give it a couple years to breathe before we came back to do it. So none of that has gone away. We’ll see how the next couple years or at least the next year with [The Bastard Executioner] unfolds and then we’ll have to see.”

Guess he just couldn’t wait! Ride on, Assassins of God.

Photos by Screenshot/FX