Sophia Stallone On Her Famous Father And Becoming an Instagram Influencer

Sly’s gorgeous 23-year-old daughter is a rising star.

Manfred Baumann

You might call it a cotillion on steroids, but Sophia Stallone’s coming out party was the time she and sisters Sistine and Scarlet were named Miss Golden Globe for the 2017 awards ceremony. The trio made the cover of The Hollywood Reporter and were finally being asked by interviewers about their own exploits and not just, “What’s it like to be the daughter of Sylvester Stallone and [former model] Jennifer Flavin?” 

“I never thought I would ever be on the cover of anything, especially with my sisters,” Sophia, 23, tells Maxim about what became a transitional moment in their lives, leading to modeling gigs in Tokyo, Milan and Shanghai. “It was a time when we felt like we were making a name for ourselves. Obviously, everyone was interested ‘cause they know who my dad is and my mom is, and they want to know who the daughters are. But we really had the chance to share our voice and have the opportunity to figure out our footing, and what we want to say and what we’re passionate about.”

Now, about that famous dad. “He’s so witty and he has such a dry sense of humor. It’s really cool when I get to see people’s reaction from his jokes,” she laughs. Not really known for his comedy, Stallone has played some indelible movie tough guys like prizefighter Rocky Balboa and Vietnam vet John Rambo. 

But Sophia’s favorite is 1997’s Cop Land, directed by Ford v Ferrari filmmaker James Mangold. “It’s a different side of him,” she says about her father’s performance as an incorruptible small town sheriff. “I really liked seeing the transition physically, mentally and emotionally that he doesn’t usually get to do. He is an amazing actor and it’s great to see that emotional side of him.”

The gorgeous Sophia studied Art History at USC, but she switched her major to Communication. Her father happens to be a dedicated painter as well and a lover of fine arts, often seen at gallery shows such as last year’s George Condo opening at Sprüth Magers gallery in Los Angeles. Stallone Sr.’s latest faves are Condo, Kerry James Marshall, and Bridget Riley; sometimes they play a game whereby they have to guess who an artist is by the color, style and period of a work. 

When not reading or baking, you’ll find Sophia on the golf course or horseback riding, or regularly volunteering at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. “I had open heart surgery. It’s where I had my second operation,” she offers. Although born with a hole in her heart, Sophia leads a healthy active lifestyle. “So, I’m really happy that I’m able to have the time to give back.”

Another way of giving back is spreading positive vibes through her blog and social media posts. Her Instagram page @sophiastallone—1.3 million followers and counting—is a blizzard of photos in different moods and style, while her blog ( offers sage advice for millennials, started months after her own graduation from USC. 

“No one really talks about that transition of young adults entering the adult world. It really takes a lot of patience and talking,” she says, recalling the anxiety of her own experience. “That transition from having someone tell me what to do to you’re your own boss, which I love now but before was really intimidating.” 

The situation wasn’t helped by the fact that Sophia, like many millennials, has anxiety issues. Fortunately, she finds that social media has become a place where people can heal by speaking frankly to a community of fellow sufferers. “When you feel like no one’s going through it with you, it’s hard,” she confesses. “I’ve given people tips on what helped me and how to make it better based on my own experiences.” 

There were five siblings in the Stallone clan, but Sage, the eldest, from the actor’s first marriage with Sasha Czack, died of heart disease in 2012 at the age of 36. His brother Seargeoh, three years younger, was diagnosed with autism at an early age. The eldest of Stallone’s three daughters with Flavin, Sophia was followed by actor-model Sistine, two years younger, and 18-year-old Scarlet. 

There was talk of a reality series starring the trio, but ultimately it was decided there’s just not enough drama between them, though Sophia and Sistine are currently planning a podcast. And if they need any free advertisement, they can rely on Sophia’s 16,000-plus Twitter followers in addition to her growing legion of Insta fans. 

“I have this platform and I have an opportunity to share my advice and my lifestyle and even my family, so they can get to know us more,” she says about becoming an influencer without really trying. “Anyone with a big following might think of a way to make it a positive experience for people. I think eventually from building social media and building a brand, I can create something I can call my own.”