Watch These Sorority Girls Take Selfies at a Diamondbacks Game

And listen to the broadcasters make fun of them. 

On Wednesday, a slew of young ladies from an Arizona sorority attended a Diamondbacks game. Unremarkable, to say the least. But this being a late September game between two awful teams, the cameras were scanning the crowd for something, anything, interesting. In this sorority, the cameras found gold.

Watch as they  mindlessly take pictures of themselves, completely oblivious to the action taking place on the field. Marvel at all the ways they contort their faces to make themselves look worse — not better. And gawk at the uniformity of behavior. Each row, each pair, doing virtually the same thing! This is a scene for anthologists to study, not blog readers to laugh at. And yet, here we are.

 Now that we’re done laughing, let’s cut these ladies some slack. Every baseball fan deals with the game’s slower moments in their own way. Some of us chug $13 beers. Some of us flip through the program. And some of us take selfies with hot dogs.