Sorry Guys, One Direction Isn’t Going Anywhere

They just announced a new album AND shared a new song. 

One Direction, the fully all-male, male band from England/Ireland, has put out an album a year for the past five years. If you can name more than two songs by them, bless your heart, but odds are you have loved to hate them for some time now. (Even Harry??? How can anyone hate Harry!?!) 

Even amidst wildly (and probably accurate) rumors that the band is breaking up, they just announced their new album, Made in the A.M.  (out on November 13).This is their first without Zayn Malik, who parted ways to pursue others things. Although walking away from a cash cow like One Direction is pure bat-shittery.

This might be their last one, guys. So get all your jokes out while you can. Here’s the first single, “Infinity”

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