The ‘South Park’ 20th Anniversary Trailer Is Both Hilarious and Heartwarming

You’ve got to watch this clip celebrating two decades of the iconic cartoon.

South Park commemorates its upcoming twentieth anniversary–and all the young minds it has corrupted and inspired over the years–with an unexpectedly sentimental trailer. 

A teaser for Season 20 of the X-rated animated series, which first aired in 1997, plays on the cheesy father-daughter trope used in countless schmaltzy ads before it.

A father is shown watching his daughter go through major life milestones as the show’s raunchiest moments–Cartman’s Jennifer Lopez hand puppet giving Ben Affleck a handjob, for instance–play out in the background. All the while, narrator Trey Parker coos the show has always “been there” for us. 

Season 20 of South Park debuts on Sept. 14 on Comedy Central. Expect daughters and chill AF dads across the country to tune in.