‘South Park: Post Covid’ Movie Teaser Reveals Stan and Kyle As Adults

Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny survived the pandemic, but will never be the same “Post Covid” in this new “South Park” movie trailer.

Paramount+ dropped a teaser trailer for South Park: Post Covid, a movie set 40 years after the pandemic that reveals what Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny look like as middle-aged men.

The teaser for the full-length movie–a follow-up to the Emmy-nominated South Park: Pandemic Special–shows the grown-up South Park kids banding together once again to solve a yet-to-be revealed problem.

Comedy Central

Viewers get a look at Stan and Kyle as adults in the new teaser along with a sneak peek at Stan’s visibly-aged dad Randy Marsh.

Watch the video teaser for South Park: Post Covid above, and if you have Paramount+, you can stream it for one day only on November 25. A second made-for-TV South Park movie is also expected to arrive sometime in December.