These Are the Funniest Moments From New South Park Game 'The Fractured But Whole'

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Never mind the fact that the word "butthole" is in the title, South Park’s new game for Xbox One, PS4 and PC, The Fractured But Whole is a brilliant revisiting of the world of South Park in video game form. Although our love of their recent game, the fantasy-styled Stick of Truth will remain forever, the boys have taken things to an entirely new level this time around, putting fans knee deep into the world we’ve followed for the past 22 years. 

The game plays out like a three-episode arc of the show: toeing the line of adult-as-they-come themes and childhood imagination, surrounding us with favorite characters and, of course, offering up the dirtiest, crudest jokes we’ve ever seen make it past the ESRB like only South Park can. 

Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of our favorite moments from the game.

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Initially making a splash well before the game’s October 17th launch date, Fractured But Whole's difficulty slider supposedly makes the game harder the darker your character’s skin is. In practice, there’s actually a separate difficulty choice to make in the menus but we appreciate the shit out of that social commentary. 

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So it begins. Even loading screens are full of easter eggs, taunting you out of the gate.


You'll explore the beautiful area of SoDoSoPa...


...and other exotic locales...


...without ever losing its South Park roots. Yes, those ARE David Hasselhoff posters in the background. 


It may be brimming with all things South Park but, at its core, Fractured But Whole is a turn-based strategy RPG where you'll buff you character with cleverly adapted skill trees and craft useful items with some of the more...odd ...things you'll pick up along the way. 


That includes some very detailed customization options. Sadly, we didn't have the balls to use this one in our playthrough. 


Gameplay mostly revolves around combat against foes you, along with The Coon and Friends, come across in your travels around town but there are puzzles littered all along the world, some integral to the story that's unfolding, some just to give you a boost along the way. 


In between that combat and those puzzles are a ton of inside peeks to the characters that have kept South Park simultaneously high and low brow for all these years. We'd give you three guesses whose diary this is but we bet you only need one. 


Playing as the same new kid from Stick of Truth, the game switches from fantasy to comic book tropes but, just like before, your super powers still come from your asshole.

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In true South Park fashion though, a twisted moral emerges. Super powers can come from anywhere...

MAjtMW0 - Imgur diabetes...


...or alcoholism...

jX7Vul2 - Imgur
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...or, well...ok, it all comes back to the ass, doesn't it? 

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Fractured But Whole, like South Park itself, stays raunchy throughout. 

FHGz9lz - Imgur

Even though it may get weird at times, it's always worth going along with it. 


Because, at the end of the day....

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...what other game is going to give you moments like this? 

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