The New Trailer for ‘Split’ Proves M. Night Shyamalan Is Going Back to What He’s Good At

Prepare to be creeped the f*ck out.

M. Night Shyamalan may have confused us with the shit show that was The Happening, been killed at the box office with the elevator-set dud Devil, and had us leaving the theater in the middle of The Lady in the Water, but it seems the supernaturallyinspired director/writer may have found is footing once again.

Split, a twisted psychological thriller rumored to be a secret sequel to one of his previous films, follows a disturbed man (James McAvoy) who spends his life balancing 24 very unique personalities. His disorder has led him to drug and kidnap three innocent girls, including The Witch and potential New Mutants star Anna Taylor-Joy.

How they’ll learn to overcome their crazy kidnapper, whether as a adolescent tween, a heeled-up woman, or a vicious creature, has yet to be seen.

Watch the latest trailer above, and get yourself ready for Split‘s release on January 20th, 2017.