Sports Fans Transform NBA Draft Lottery Star Mallory Edens Into an Internet Phenom

The teen daughter of the Milwaukee Bucks owner proudly accepts the #1 pick after the team’s dismal season.

In a basketball sense, the Cleveland Cavaliers won Tuesday night’s NBA Draft Lottery as they were rewarded for their sustained incompetence with yet another number one pick. In every other sense though, Malloy Edens won. The 18-year-old daughter of Milwaukee Bucks owner Wesley Edens represented the beleaguered franchise on stage Tuesday. By Wednesday, she was the most famous rich girl in Wisconsin.

Before ESPN began airing the lottery, Edens had 250 Twitter followers. Now she’s approaching 50,000. It was like she was the first woman to walk through the cell block in years. Men see girl. Men drool. Men seek out Instagram (she doesn’t seem to have one). That’s what happens when two young women crash a stage full of men on a broadcast watched by 90 percent guys. That’s right, Edens wasn’t the only woman on that stage. Kings owner VivekRanadive sent this daughter Anjali, and she too won some new admirers.

So, where does Edens go from here? Let’s hope nowhere. If a 15 minute appearance on the Draft Lottery is enough to turn someone into a celebrity, there’s no hope left for us. Of course, there’s precedent for just that happening. After Brent Musburger got an on-air boner for Katherine Webb, the then-girlfriend of then-Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron, she turned her instant celebrity with hard-up sports fans into a career as a famous-for-nothing celebrity. Unfortunately, it appears Edens might follow in her footsteps. She’s already got a “public figure” page on Facebook and she’s using it to push her website, which popped up after Lottery night and links to a bunch of stories about how popular she is. Help us all. 

Photos by Kathy Willens / AP