Sports We’ve Never Heard Of

Apparently there are others besides football and basketball, and they’re EXTREME. Who knew.

Apparently there are others besides football and basketball, and they’re EXTREME. Who knew.

If the typical basketball game isn’t cutting it for you, one of these adrenaline-inducing obscure (and possibly stupid) sports we’ve never heard of should do the trick. From walking a tightrope across a canyon to having a face-to-face encounter with a crocodile, this is sure to get you out of your athletic funk. Don’t forget to let us know how it goes, because we won’t be trying any of this shit (we’re frightened).

Extreme Mountain Unicycling

Yes, this is a real thing… Rising to popularity in the ’90s (hence the extreeeemme add-on), this activity is the result of West Coasters deciding to hop on their unicycles one day and hang out on mountains. Or something like that. Today the sport has gained worldwide exposure and adrenaline junkies everywhere can be found busting their asses trying to ride one of these things over hundreds of rocks. We can barely ride a two-wheeler, let alone hop on a device generally reserved for circus tricks. Throw in a little mountainous terrain, and now it’s a party.

Limbo Skating

The concept is simple: strap on some roller blades, spread your legs really far apart, and limbo beneath sticks barely lifted off the ground. Leave it to China to breed their youth to be so flexible they can roller blade in a straddle position. Despite our incessant yoga practices, this is never going to work out for us.

Crocodile Bungee Jumping

Taking a 1,000 foot plunge into a vast area of water headfirst already sounds terrifying enough, but do that in waters that happen to be infested with crocodiles, and bad things will happen – as this poor chump found out after a reptile began to gnaw on his head upon hitting the water. Luckily, he sprung back up so quickly the croc had no choice but to unclamp his jaws. Unfortunately, others were not so lucky. If you participate in this, you are very brave. And very stupid.

Train Surfing

We’re pretty sure that jumping onto the roof of a moving train will never be recognized as a professional sport, but it’s still pretty badass, and is yet another extreme activity that we’ll let someone else worry about. We’re pretty into having all our limbs intact and whatnot.


We’ve all seen those circus promos where the hot girl walks the tight rope, but it’s usually done in a pretty controlled environment. This extreme form of slacklining consists of people walking the thin nylon rope thousands of feet above the ground, occasionally across a canyon. Now that’s impressive – though it would be even more impressive if they did it while decked out in a skintight leotard.


We have absolutely no idea how to pronounce that word, but we do know what it means: wife-carrying. Originating in Finland, participants are expected to haul their wives either over their shoulder or go Estonian Style (wives wrapping their legs around their husband’s shoulders), and run through various obstacles. For us, this is a weekly occurrence after a few too many cocktails. Finally, an extreme sport we can relate to.

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