Sriracha Beer Is Here, Delicious

Huy Fong Foods and Rogue Ales are unlikely bedfellows, but they do good work.

Sriracha, the hot sauce that went viral about three years ago and is now ubiquitous, is made by the oft-criticized, decidedly un-neighborly Huy Fong Foods Company of Rosemead, California. Sriracha Beer is not. Sriracha Beer is made by the oft-lauded, always innovative Rogue Ales company of Ashland, Oregon. It’s a strange corporate crossover, but we’re not going to second guess it because Sriracha Hot Stout Beer is delicious.

Rogue, famed maker of Dead Guy Ale, is no stranger to the wackier side of brewing. They have worked with Portland’s Voodoo Donuts to create a number of beers including Rogue Voodoo Pretzel, Raspberry & Chocolate Ale as well as Rogue Voodoo Lemon Chiffon Crueler Ale. This isn’t even their first foray into the world of spicy beer. Rogue has been producing its Chipotle Ale with smoked chipotle chili peppers for a number of years.

“The inspiration was pretty simple,” Rogue President Brett Joyce told Maxim. “We, as employees and as rogues, love Huy Fong Sriracha sauce. The question almost immediately became why not?”

There was no good answer to that question.

Rogue Sriracha Stout Beer is made using Huy Fong’s original hot, chili sauce as well as produce picked at Rogue’s onsite farm. It’s the perfect compliment to pasta dishes, pizza, steak, soups, hot dogs, hamburgers and any number of Asian dishes. The beer is currently available at Rogue Ales Public Houses – the brand operates eight in Portland and Newport – and online. Get it while it’s hot.

Photos by Rogue Ales