4 Incredibly Easy Cocktails To Make For St. Patrick’s Day

You don’t need the luck of the Irish to get drunk like the Irish.

Image: Drizzly

St. Patrick’s Day is perhaps the only legit national holiday that practically requires you to have a drink or three in order to properly celebrate it. 

But if you don’t feel like braving crowds at a packed Irish bar to enjoy your favorite stout or whiskey on March 17, our booze-loving buds at Drizly have come up with four cocktails that are easy as hell to mix up at home. 

They range from the incredibly basic (the unfortunately-named “Irish Car Bomb”) to the downright diabolical (a freaking Shamrock Shake and Jameson). 

Here, four cocktails that are practically begging to be whipped up at a St. Patty’s Day party:

1. The New Irish Breakfast

Jameson’s and OJ is the perfect eye-opener.

Image: Drizly

• 2 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey
• 1- 2 oz fresh squeezed orange juice

• Old fashioned glass
• Shaker
• Jigger

In a shaker, combine Jameson’ and orange juice, and shake until cold. Pour into an old-fashioned glass over a large ice cube. Down it just like that, or garnish with a pinch of black sugar sprinkles if you happen to have some lying around. 

2. Irish Pickleback 

Because Irish whiskey and pickle juice are meant to be together. 

Image: Drizly

• 1 1/2 oz Irish Whiskey
• 1 1/2 oz Pickle brine juice

• Shot glass

Pour a shot of whiskey, and a chilled shot of pickle juice (the original is made with McClure’s spicy pickle brine). Take the whiskey shot and chase with pickle brine.


3. Shamrock Shake Smash

This is what happens when Ireland’s greatest stout meets a certain limited-edition green milkshake. 

Image: Drizly

• 1 Bottle or Can of Guinness Beer
• 2-3 Scoops of McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Frozen

Tools• Bar Spoon
• Pint glass

Place your shake in the freezer to harden for about 30 minutes.
In a pint glass, pour a fresh Guinness 3/4 of the way to the lip.
Take your shake out of the freezer and add two ice cream scoops into your beer.


(Optional: Make your own homemade shake. You’ll need 2-3 cups vanilla ice cream, 1 cup skim milk, ¼ teaspoon mint extract, and 4-6 drops green food coloring. Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth.) 

4. Irish Car Bomb

Don’t even think of ordering this in Ireland, but the combo does go down pretty smooth.

Image: Drizly

• 1/2 oz Kerrygold Irish Cream Liqueur
• 1/2 Jameson Irish Whiskey
• 1 Guinness Beer

• Shot glass
• Pint glass

Pour Irish Cream Liqueur and Jameson into a shot glass, layering Irish Cream on the bottom. Pour Guinness into the pint glass 3/4 of the way and let it settle. Drop shot glass into Guinness and drink quickly.