St. Vincent’s Annie Clark Apparently Works at a Mexican Restaurant Now

The Grammy-nominated musician has been spotted serving tacos, but it’s not what you think.

The divide between “famous musician” and “average person” is never so obvious as when it comes to what’s seen as newsworthy. You can’t throw a cigarette butt in the streets of New York without hitting a person who is currently holding down six jobs to make ends meet, often at the request of their burdened families,  but if you’re a Grammy award-winning musician like St. Vincent (AKA, Annie Clark) and are spotted wiping down tables at a Mexican restaurant a few days a week, it’s apparently worth writing about. I mean, I’m literally doing it right now. 

A Texas native with family ties still firmly rooted there, Annie has been putting herself to use at her sister’s new Mexican restaurant, Resident Taqueria, taking orders, filling what needs to be filled, and generally doing all the normal duties that every other normal person would do while working at a restaurant. 


Oct 10, 2015 at 1:23pm PDT

The “Our Story” section of the restaurant’s website, will make your mouth water before you even check out the menu (which hints at online ordering capabilities soon. Perfect for the introverted shut in.)

“Resident Taqueria was born of culinary mind and bred of down-home heart. The vast and impressive culinary experiences of Chef Andrew Savoie span the finest restaurants in America, from New York to New Orleans to Napa, and land here in the Lake Highlands neighborhood of Dallas. We boast fresh, made-to-order tortillas, slow-braised meats, seasonal and local produce, and a margarita that elevates the concept of Happy Hour.”

So there it is, a successful musician is doing something on the side to help her family. What’s next?? The news is just endlessly shocking these days.