Which New Game Is Said to be ‘More Lethal’ Than ‘Call of Duty’?

In space, no one can hear you taking a bullet to the chest.

Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts has come forth with a pretty ballsy statement regarding the upcoming sci-fi adventure from Cloud Imperium Games.

His claim? The first-person shooter segments will be “more lethal” than that of Call of Duty’s, and is in fact part of the game’s “core design.” Roberts delivered the news via the “10 from the Chairman” video below, where a gamer had asked if Star Marine, the FPS module of the larger Star Citizen ecosystem, will allow for stealth gameplay.

Roberts confirmed that yes, it will, adding “We are trying to make the FPS gameplay itself be more tactical, less just ‘run and gun.’ Especially since it is more lethal than you would normally expect with a Call of Duty or something.”

“We actually have some gadgets which are good for stealth and distractions, they’re just not in 2.0 yet,” he said. “We’re going through and reactivating and polishing them from Star Marine and they will also debut with Star Marine. But we have the hologram gadget where you can put up a hologram version of yourself and you can be off sneaking somewhere else. We are going to have definite things that will help you with hiding your radar and noise signature, or heat signature, and stuff like that. So we definitely want that.”

It’s clear that the gameplay is going to feature prominent stealth options for sure, but as far as being “lethal” it’s a little unclear what Roberts meant. It remains to be seen given that the Star Marine module has been delayed indefinitely since its proposed launch last year. But if these claims are true, it could end up that Star Citizen’s FPS moments are just as visceral as that we’ve come to expect from Call of Duty

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