Meet ‘Star Citizen’, Mark Hamill’s Other Amazing Sci-Fi Project

‘Star Wars’? What’s ‘Star Wars’?

If you haven’t heard of Star Citizen, it might be time to take a look. While everyone’s heading out to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens, gamers are looking to this PC space adventure for the one thing both properties have in common: Mark Hamill. 

The Star Wars star appears alongside other celebrities (Gillian Anderson and Gary Oldman, namely) as Lieutenant Commander Steve “Old Man” Colton in the game’s Squadron 42 single-player campaign, which is in many ways a nod to the Wing Commander series that Hamill starred in back in the ’90s.

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The latest trailer for the mammoth title, which has raised a whopping $100 million over three years of campaigning on Kickstarter , shows off some extremely impressive tech, which is supposed to be “100 percent in-engine footage, rendered in real-time.” 

While the game is still a work in progress, it’s still absolutely something you’ll want to keep on your radar, especially if you’re a sci-fi fan.

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