Watch The New ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Trailer Featuring Rihanna’s ‘Sledgehammer’

Action, emotion, and deadly blue aliens.

Paramount debuted a new trailer for Star Trek Beyond early Monday. This one comes with all the excitement we expect from the franchise and from Fast and Furious helmer Justin Lin, who took the reins for this journey into the final frontier. It’s also paired with Rihanna‘s new single “Sledgehammer”—an original number, not a cover of the quirky ’80s pop hit by Peter Gabriel.

The mystery of Beyond‘s new villain (Idris Elba) as well as the true fate of the Enterprise crew has us intrigued. While destroying the flagship vessel has become something of a trope in Trek films at this point, the circumstances seem especially dire this time.

We’ll find out exactly what’s going on when Star Trek Beyond is finally in theaters on July 22, 2016. 

h/t The Verge