You Can Now Upload a Lightsaber to Your Facebook Profile Picture

May the force be with your profile.

Today in of course: You can now show your Jedi allegiance (or Sith, if you’re an asshole) on your Facebook page via a handy app available through the official Star Wars Movies page. (Follow this link and then press the “Try it” button.)

You can choose between a blue or a red lightsaber, and while Facebook allows you to move the image around *somewhat,* you can’t tilt it at all; and you can only do one per photo, so no luck depicting a lightsaber battle in your profile image. That’s ok — people will still get that you’re a geek.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens had its VIP-only red carpet world premiere Monday night in Los Angeles, and the first reviews drop Wednesday. It’s going to take a lot to live up to the insane hype around The Force Awakens, but early chatter suggests J.J. Abrams delivers.