The Han Solo Movie Has an Official Title, And ‘Star Wars’ Fans Are Epically Destroying It on Twitter

What do you think?

After operating under the working title Red Cup for the past three years of production, director Ron Howard has announced the standalone Han Solo movie has a title.

No, it’s not just The Han Solo Movie, which is what people will wind up calling it anyway. It’s something far more meta and downright silly:

Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Get it? ‘Cause like… it’s a solo Han Solo movie, and his last name is Solo, and he operates as a lone wolf throughout most of the franchise… hehe. 

And also, how funny is it that the working title Red Cup referenced Solo cups?

Howard announced the title in a video posted to Twitter, where Chewbacca hands him a black poster with the title art on it. “I’ll see you next year,” he ends it, winking at the March 25, 2018 release date.

Twitter, always hungry for some fresh snark, is having a field day with the very obvious title choice. It’s as if Ron Howard threw a pack of rabid dogs a hunk of raw steak.

Is the title as bad as they say?

h/t Business Insider