WATCH: Star Wars and It’s Always Sunny Combine for the Ultimate Mashup

Dayman, fighter of the Stormtroopers.

Just when you thought the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer couldn’t get any better, someone traded out the intergalactic soundtrack for Charlie Day‘s ‘Dayman’ masterpiece from season four of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, turning the video into an epic mashup you never knew you needed. Without much context to go on, the music  bestowed upon us from the It’s Always Sunny musical episode sort of works perfectly with the Star Wars footage — Boyega taking the part of ‘Dayman,’ Driver representing ‘Nightman,’ and…R2-D2 as Danny Devito’s toll-stealing troll. 

Behold the best to happen today below, and pray for more friendship, karate, and lightsaber duels in the near future.