‘Star Wars’-Related Porn Searches Have Totally Surged Because of ‘Rogue One’

Apparently a lot of people are using “The Force”…to masturbate.

Rogue One
Entertainment Weekly/Jonathan Olley

Not only did Rogue One: A Star Wars Story have the second-best December opening weekend ever, but the hugely hyped spinoff also has people apparently thinking sexy Star Wars thoughts. 

Porn site Redtube took a look at their Rogue One-related searches during the weeks leading up to the film’s release, and good lord. People went absolutely bananas for some intergalactic porno on the night of film’s release. The X-rated site saw a whopping 332 percent increase in Star Wars-related searches. There’s a graph and everything!


They broke the data down even further and tracked the specific terms folks were searching for, including “Star Whores,” “Princess Leia” and my personal favorite, “Anal Lightsaber.” 


It looks as though The Force works in some very mysterious ways.