‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ Game Trailer Is The Best Star Wars Movie You’ve Never Seen


2011’s Star Wars: The Old Republic video game is set to receive a massive expansion pack later this year. To celebrate, EA conceptualized a cinematic masterpiece to promote its release ahead of the holiday season—and it’s absolutely amazing.

With close to 2 million views, the 6 minutes of footage for Knights of the Eternal Throne highlight yet another young Padawan named Vaylin’s training of the Force, and how the wrong push can lead you to become a full-fledged member of The Dark Side.

The story told here isn’t exactly a representation of how the gameplay will be laid out when people purchase the expansion pack, but the thought process and cinematic touches put into this short film will certainly make any Star Wars fan run out and relive the glory of The Old Republic.

Watch for yourself above.

h/t Business Insider


Maxim Staff