This Star Wars-Themed Movie Theater Has Its Own Giant Death Star

We believe you’ll find the snack bar is fully operational as well.

You probably wouldn’t guess from the standard contemporary glass and brick exterior, but the Force is strong within the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s newest location in Omaha, Nebraska. Most dominant amongst the Star Wars-themed design elements is a looming Death Star in the lobby, whose awesome firepower is activated with a push of the button from the control panel, below, on the nearby Emperor’s Throne.

Other than its sci-fi-friendly personality, the theater caters to movie buffs. In a literal sense, they bring you food ordered by filling out cards. (There’s no typical concession stand in the lobby.) And figuratively,  they do so by ensuring a distraction-free screening experience by nixing minors, latecomers, and cell use. In other words, once the theater goes to The Dark Side and the movie comes on, shut the F up.

With an empire of 21 such locations around the country, we’re fairly sure no rebels would dare form an alliance against these policies. But we’re even surer that this will be the perfect place to watch The Force Awakens when it opens just two short weeks from today.

Photos by Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Omaha