You Can Now Get Totally Hammered at Starbucks (With Their Blessing)

Who needs Pumpkin Spice Lattes when there’s craft beer on the menu?

Starting Wednesday, you’ll be making two stops at Starbucks per day: one for a morning pick-me-up and the other for happy hour.  According to USA Today, the beverage chain will open 24 new locations across the U.S. with an expanded menu of truffle mac ‘n cheese, bacon-wrapped dates, and, most importantly, wine and beer. 

While there’s no telling whether you’ll have to ask for a venti Pinot Grigio or a trenti IPA, places like Denver, Miami, Orlando, Northern California and New York City are the first to get the new sips. By the end of the week, 70 other stores, including other locations in Chicago, Oregon and Atlanta, will also house the new menu, with many of them sourcing their alcohol locally. And this is only the start—several hundred Starbucks locations have already filed applications for liquor licenses to bring on similar menus.

So if your next Tinder right swipe  wants to meet up at your neighborhood spot don’t think that means you’ll be stuck with just a coffee date.