The Steak Locker Lets You Dry-Age Your T-Bone

Take store bought steaks to Peter Lugar levels by popping them into this at home dry ager.

There’s a reason steak tastes better in a restaurant and it has nothing to do with your grilling prowess: Chefs dry-age moderately priced cuts to make mediocre as flavorful as grass-fed Waygu. For restaurateurs, that means investing in a large and expensive meat cooler that keeps racked steaks at near-freezing temps. Over the course of about three weeks, naturally occurring enzymes break down the chewy collagen and tenderize the meat; any additional aging time after that just drives the steak even deeper into flavortown. Until now, this has been the type of thing you should never try at home, as uneven humidity and temperature changes in your fridge can make meat a breeding-ground for bacteria. The Steak Locker, however, is at-home dry-aging salvation. The mini fridge-sized locker fits underneath a countertop and creates a controlled dry-aging environment. A moisture sensor and controller let you dial in your ideal tenderness level, and an app alerts you when the meat’s ready to cook. Steaks will remain edible for up to 90 days. That $10-a-pound sub-prime ribeye never tasted so good. [$999;]