Turns Out Netflix Has a ‘Steamy’ Section, and These Are the Kinky Categories You Need to Know

It’s not Pornhub, but it’s still naughty.


We’ve all been there — mindlessly browsing Netflix, just trying to find something good to watch, only to re-watch season 4 of The Office because nothing else looks appealing…right? Or is it just me who has done this more than once?

Anyway, if you, like me, are looking for something new and exciting to watch on Netflix, you’re in luck, because there’s a secret genre that you probably didn’t even know existed: “Steamy” movies.

Yup, bet you didn’t know Netflix even had naughty movies. I sure as hell didn’t. 

(Netflix / Hot Girls Wanted)

And since this discovery will benefit many people perusing Netflix for a titillating movie to watch, the folks at Decider did something truly noble and dug up 61 different micro-genres that involve the word “steamy,” so that we can easily find the best of the best and watch them. Thanks, guys!

But since 61 is a big number, I narrowed that down to a more manageable 20, and listed them here for your enjoyment.

1. Critically-acclaimed Steamy Dramas

Duke of Burgundy

2. Critically-acclaimed Steamy Independent Dramas


3. Steamy Biographical Dramas


4. Steamy Coming-of-age Movies

Young and Beautiful

5. Steamy Crime Movies

Basic Instinct

6. Steamy Cult Movies

Mulholland Drive

7. Steamy Dramas

About Cherry

8. Steamy French-Language Dramas

Blue is the Warmest Color

9. Steamy Independent Dramas


10. Steamy Independent Movies


11. Steamy Independent Thrillers

The Canyons

12. Steamy Italian Movies

I Am Love

13. Steamy Movies based on real life


14. Steamy Mysteries

Mulholland Drive

15. Steamy Political Movies

The Concubine

16. Steamy Psychological Movies

17. Steamy Romantic Movies

Blue is the Warmest Color

18. Steamy Showbiz Movies

19. Steamy Thrillers


20. Visually-striking Steamy Movies

Y Tu Mamá También

For all 61 genres, kindly click here and enjoy your trip to Steamy Netflix heaven.

H/T: Decider