This Video Proves That Stephan A. Smith’s NBA Finals Predictions Are Always Wrong

The ESPN loudmouth is now 0-for-6 picking winners.

Stephen A. Smith’s detractors have long argued that the bipedal microphone is a know-nothing blowhard more interested in hearing words come out of his mouth than those words forming coherent thoughts. The evidence is strong.

This is a guy who once suggested that women are responsible for provoking domestic violence and went off on an Onion article that he thought was real. In the past week, he put his foot in his mouth again, with an extended “First Take” rant about how Ayesha Curry could be a better NBA spouse, like LeBron James’ wife Savannah.

This dude is the Energizer Bunny of bad takes, he just keeps going and going and going. And then compounds the problem by talking about how LeBron’s wife is hotter than Steph’s. 

Dumb as that all that was, telling an NBA wife how to be an NBA wife is just Smith does. And it’s what ESPN wants. It’s controversial and it keeps his name in the news. Hell, there are probably plenty of people who’d argue he’s right. 

Which is what makes this next video so delicious. Watch in horror as Smith incorrectly predicts the winner of the NBA Finals for the past six consecutive years. It was always  easy to argue that Smith was the absolute worst, but now the argument is over because we now have proof.