WATCH: Stephen Colbert Takes a Shot at the Starbucks Christmas Controversy

“Christmas is the season for giving…into any demand anyone makes on the Internet.”

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert took on the outrage directed at Starbucks for its so-called “War on Christmas,” after the coffee chain opted to serve solid red coffee cups this season, rather than emblazoning them with symbols of the Christmas holiday, which is only a holiday for Christians, which some Christians often forget.

Colbert, a Catholic himself, pointed out the absurdity of the outrage directed at Starbucks by pointing out all the other ways that Starbucks is promoting the holiday and reminding us that snowflakes are not actually a religious symbol.

“Yes, they got rid of the Christian religious symbols like snowflakes and snowmen,” Colbert joked. “I think we all remember the story of when the baby Jesus was visted by the three wise Frostys. … Sadly, the three wise snowmen did not last long in the desert.”

Colbert suggested that Starbucks earn back the business of their Evangelical customer base by offering coffee cups attached to mini Christmas tree: “Give the customers a cup so crammed with Christmas, they’ll be picking tinsel out of their Yule log for months.”