A Man Is Haunted by His Dead Wife and Rats in Trailer for Stephen King’s Freaky-as-Hell ‘1922’

This Netflix series could be the horror master’s most twisted tale yet.

There are no dancing clowns or kinky bondage sex in the new trailer for 1922, the latest Stephen King adaption to hit Netflix.

Instead, this dark tale of a simple Nebraska farmer who murders his wife is perhaps the bleakest Stephen King revisioning yet.

While Wilfred James (Thomas Jane) thought butchering his disgruntled wife would solve all his life’s problems, he is soon plagued by paranoia, visions of his dead wife and delusions of rat infestations.

“Life is rarely fair,” the film’s synopsis reads.

Debuting on Oct. 20th, 1922 will be the second Stephen King film to hit Netflix in 2017, after Gerald’s Game premieres on Sept. 29. 

Netflix is helping to usher in a new Stephen King renaissance, and we’ll be here for every minute of it.